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Traditionally, sourcing goods has been one of the most time consuming and costly parts of purchasing products. From the supplier's perspective, their goods need to be easily found and ordered. Similar, buyers want to have access to the greatest pool of goods so they can make strategic buying decisions. The day to day routine of buying and selling among a network of business cronies is one sales channel, but certainly not the most efficient.

Our patent pending W3Net(tm) CBOS® was designed with the understanding that searching for goods has been a friction point in the business process since the beginning of commerce. Built upon its robust W3Net(tm) Catalog Engine, CBOS® helps suppliers to rapidly deploy their catalogs generically or distributed to specific customers while at the same time providing buyers with multiple product sourcing options, all through one user friendly interface. Within the W3Net(tm) Commerce Platform, buyers can search for goods by product description, supplier, SKU, Preferred Products, Preferred Searches and RFQ.