Our Company

W3Net, Ltd., is a privately owned company located in Yelm, Washington. We specialize in Internet-based information and supply chain management solutions that help synchronize your business processes and extend the reach and functionality of your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or legacy computer systems.

Our primary goal is to significantly advance the efficient distribution of products and information by connecting global trading partners. Our customers include companies that are manufacturers, distributors, shippers and retailers. We specialize in business-to-business activities - not business to consumer activities.

Our Team is comprised of seasoned business people that know what it takes to manage the business process or run a sales, procurement, shipping, or financial department. This experience, together with a solid Information Technology (IT) and Development Team, gives us the ability to deliver practical and compelling business and technical solutions that work the way you do business.

What We Do

We understand the manufacturing and distribution business and are extremely adept at understanding the associated business processes. To help you synchronize your business process, we have developed Internet-based software that connects your business electronically with your existing suppliers, customers and third party service providers. Our patent pending W3Net(tm) CBOS® is a collaborative business operating system that is the electronic interface between your systems and the systems of your supply chain partners. And, since all of our products and services have been designed around business process, you won't have to change the way you do business to use them.

Our Value Proposition

We can help you...

  • Leverage your existing investment in computer hardware and software
  • Connect electronically with your trading partners' disparate ERP systems
  • Substantially reduce traditional purchase order and sales processing costs by transmitting business documents electronically between your back office system and the systems of your trading partners
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and data entry errors
  • Increase profitability and lower processing costs through increased business process efficiency
  • Reduce data collection processes while improving the flow of information
  • Optimize your supply chain management processes
  • Promote just-in-time processing and inventory management
  • Free up your time